Factors that enhance the efficiency of a storage system

Posted on by Rachel Mills

The efficiency of a storage system heavily relies on the proper utility of space, and the ease with which stored items are assessed. For a warehouse or distribution center to function properly, certain factors need to be taken into consideration. These include:

1. Storage Density: Using SKU to analyze storage volumes would aid in identifying deep-lane storage openings. A deep-lane storage concept – such as drive-in and drive-thru, pallet flow and push-back racks – can drastically enhance warehouse space utilization.

2. Picking Profile: Having proper knowledge of the items in your warehouse can reflect on the efficiency of your storage system. Are you primarily picking cases, pieces, or pallets? Is a forward pick zone being replenished by picking from a bulk? Answers to these, and other related questions can have a significant effect on rack configuration within your warehouse or distribution center.

3. Accessibility: Much consideration should be given to speedy accessibility within the warehouse. If fork lifts are to be used, there should be adequate spacing between stacking aisles. This is aimed at increasing productivity while ensuring safety within the workplace.

4. Geography: Before designing your warehouse, It is necessary to have adequate knowledge of the geographic nature of your location. If your location has a high risk for earthquakes or seismic shifts, it becomes more important to have stringent engineering in place – to ensure to safety of lives and property.

5. Warehouse Lighting: It is important to set-up a proper lighting scheme for your warehouse. Reduced rack damage, improved accuracy, and enhanced work environment are factors that need to be taken into consideration when embarking on proper warehouse lighting.

6. Climate and environment: Climatic conditions can sometimes have an impact on the items being stored in a warehouse. For proper storage, some items would require special product handling, thus making it necessary to have your warehouse prepared for such eventualities.

Finally, it is necessary to have previous clients or other warehouse owners rate and evaluate your warehouse. Having a means of analyzing what others have to say with regards to your system would ensure that your warehouse is always in a position of optimal service delivery.

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