Storage Systems in Warehouses – What is a Warehouse Storage System?

Posted on by Rachel Mills

A storage system in a warehouse can be referred to as a warehouse management system due to the way such a system helps users manage their warehouse environment. Using the right equipment for storage in a system of this kind, maintaining safety and managing product flow is easy.

There are a variety of systems for warehouse storage out there that offer many uses.

• Many systems use pallets as a storage solution whereby items are placed on pallets and put away using forklift trucks – often on multiple levels called racks.
• Much like the pallet system, storage cabinets offer a similar solution. Cabinets in a range of sizes can be used to store items from the small to the large on different levels.
• The automated system is a sophisticated solution that relies on computers to direct the putting away and retrieving of items. Many large-scale warehouses use this type of storage, which can be more efficient with space.
• A mezzanine system is a stacked system that saves on space and can refer to any of the solutions previously mentioned.

The Advantages of a Good Storage Solution for Users

Users experience many benefits from good storage solutions in the warehouse, including:

• Greater organisation. The aim of such a system is to improve the organisation of a warehouse operation, providing workers with an easily manageable system for maintaining their environment. Rather than dealing with a messy, unorganised system users can save time and experience less stress.
• Improved safety. Having to deal with mess on the work floor can pose a safety risk, as is often the case with a poorly organised storage setup. As well as keeping workers safe, goods are protected and in their correct locations at all times.
• Time saved on manually putting away and retrieving stock. With an automated system, the time wasted and effort expended in maintaining a system can be alleviated with automated solutions.
• Saving on space. Greater organisation means items can be stored in a more space-efficient way and opportunities to save on further space can be realised.


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